24 Hours Of Gaming For Special Effect

In October 2010 I played Halo Reach for 24 hours to raise money for Special Effect, an amazing charity that helps make gaming accessible to people with disabilities. Thanks to the extremely kind donations from friends, family and strangers, I raised £600 which helped Special Effect build a loan library of modified controllers. This year I’d like to do it all over again and see if we can rustle up some more pennies for all the good work they do. I’m happy to go it alone but what would make it even better is if you can join in too. It’s not a test of endurance but 24 hours of gaming fun, moaning about being knackered and, most importantly, raising funds and awareness for the charity. If you’re interested in taking part then please read the FAQs below and contact me via email so you can be included in the upcoming Just Giving donation page. While I don’t expect anybody to do it with me, the more people that take part, the more donations we can hopefully get for Special Effect.

When is it?
I plan on doing it over the weekend of 22nd-23rd October.

What would we have to play?
Last year I did one game solidly for 24 hours and almost killed my love for Halo Reach. This year I will do multiplayer for 24 hours and expect to dabble in Halo, GTA IV, Left 4 Dead, Burnout, RDR or possibly Gears of War 3 if I pick it up. You can play whatever you fancy.

I’m not sure I can last 24 hours?
This isn’t about endurance. It’s purely for charity. If you can’t manage to do the full day for whatever reason, it’s okay. If you think you can join in and get donations then that’s all that matters :)

Do I have to game with you cos I’d rather play with my friends/you’re a bit annoying/I don’t like multiplayer?
Nope! Game with whoever you like or if you’re not into multiplayer and fancy the challenge then do 24 hours of single player. I will mostly be on XBL, possibly with a small break to play Team Fortress 2 on PC but you can play on any console/PC.

Do you need anything from me?
Yes! I’ll need you to spam the hell out of the Just Giving page once it’s been created and politely bug everyone you know to donate ;)

What will I get for taking part?
My eternal love and respect and a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy for being an awesome person.

What do Special Effect do?
This is the article I wrote on them last year or you can visit http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/

I’m interested/have questions, how do I contact you?



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  1. Mark_S says:

    I’ll be there.

  2. Toffer says:

    I’m so gutted I can’t be there because I’m working :( You’ll have my support though!

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