Erase and Rewind

As I gazed at my pile of games today, undecided at what to play, I had the urge to start Fallout: New Vegas again. Two issues manifested themselves. Firstly, I no longer own the game as it was traded towards something else a while back. Not having the actual game tends to put the kibosh on things. Secondly, I wanted to replay the game as I did the first time around. I didn’t want to already know the story-lines, the people I’d meet in my adventures, the companions who’d share my journey, the places I’d discover off the beaten track, the bit of scenery I’d glitch into. I wanted to approach the game with the same fresh eyes as before. A throwaway, grumpy Twitter post about my predicament sparked several sympathetic responses and others volunteered games they wish they could erase the memory of and play again. Some of these titles included Grim Fandango, World of Warcraft, multiple votes for Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 4, Dead Space and the Half Life series. Elite and Hannah Montana also got a mention but I’m suspicious of the sincerity of those replies.

I struggle to think of many entire games I would like to replay fresh. Batman: Arkham Asylum could be one but fortunately that desire is soon to be sated with the release of Arkham City. There are plenty of gaming moments I’d like to relive though - the first time I completed all the Bubble Bobble levels, watching my Dad hilariously failing to get to grips with Guitar Hero on piss-easy mode, joining my first Left 4 Dead versus game, being annihilated at Golden Eye and Mario Cart with university friends on the N64 and sofa co-oping the Ratchet and Clank series.

Of course we could also just erase the memory of ever playing certain games at all. I’m looking at you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dino D-Day and Tower Bloxx Deluxe.

We can only live in hope that one day a Men In Black-style ‘cool flashy memory eraser thingy’* is produced. Think of the possibilities! Not only could we experience gaming nirvana continuously but we could appreciate The Goonies/Robocop/Leon/*insert favourite film here* as if it were the first time again. If you ignore the massive illegal and immoral potential uses for the ‘cool flashy memory eraser thingy’, I believe it could be the best gadget never invented.

*I have since been informed it was called a ‘neuralizer’ which of course I knew really, just checking you guys are on the ball…

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