Got a spare 69 pennies? Check out Dead Pixels

I don’t “do” reviews but this afternoon I had a rare browse through the Xbox Live Indie games section and on a whim purchased Dead Pixels which will set you back a whole 80 MS Points. The first few minutes of gameplay gave me such an instant-happy that I just had to share this hidden gem of a game with you. It’s a pixelated-zombie RPG style action game, released last month, from developer cantstraferight. I’m currently several levels (or ‘streets’) into the game and am loving blasting away the undead. It’s had some frantic sections when I’ve run out of ammo and health kits and had to flee, like a coward, until I’ve reached a trader. It’s not all merry slaughter, I swiftly learnt to conserve ammo instead of blasting any ghoul who stumbled towards me. The sprites are so very cute (in a blood-drenched, putrid kinda way) and the soundtrack is higher quality than I expected from a low priced game. Local two player co-op is also included which means I will, no doubt, be after a sofa bud to carry me through the later stages.

Dead Pixels has ticked many of my boxes – zombies, huge retro vibe and beautifully budget-friendly, I love seeing the little nods to other zombie films and games dotted throughout. If it sounds like it may tick yours too then please do head to the indie section of your Xbox next time you’re online and give the trial a bash.

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