Now Listening 09/10/2011

Some of the playlist that I had on repeat while hammering a Burnout Crash level for a decent high score earlier today. Compiled this blog post more for my enjoyment than anything else but if you happen to like any of the tracks too then… *hi5*


Finally, I have been going mad in recent weeks trying to find a song I heard around 1997-1999. All I could remember was listening to it on a mixtape on the train to Bromley College, that it was a rap and had a Radiohead sample; possibly High and Dry. I searched the internet for anyone using Radiohead in their music and trawled through the ENTIRE top 40 singles charts for ’97, ’98 and ’99 (I get insomnia, it killed time nicely). I found some fab pop songs I’d forgotten about but no sign of this track. Eventually, by some fluke, I found it on youtube, a poor version recorded from a vhs but I’m going to pop it here as a reminder so it doesn’t ever bug me for so long again! It’s Tacky Love Song by Credit To The Nation and never made the UK top 40, hence the challenge I seemed to have finding it.


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