Gaming Snobbery – MW3 vs Skyrim

I wanted to tweet something this morning about this whole Skyrim vs Modern Warfare 3 vibe I see from fellow gamers on Twitter, Facebook or message boards/comments sections however 140 characters were not sufficient to contain my vitriol. They are both games I would be interested in trying although it’s unlikely I’ll purchase them anytime soon thanks to a continued addiction to Battlefield 3 and the fact that I’m poor.

Something I had to contend with, and ignore, while growing up was music snobbery. I was teased by the girls at school for liking rap and in the rock scene was dictated to about what bands are consider “gothic” or “metal” and admitting you kinda liked a Limp Bizkit track was a crime worthy of a verbal lynching. Thankfully we all grow out of giving a damn what others think of our taste and, equally, giving a damn about what others choose to enjoy.

Sadly this isn’t the case in the gaming world. I’m 30 years old and still see snide comments from gamers of all ages regarding the choice of titles enjoyed by their peers. Currently, many are looking down their noses at MW3 and those that will be picking it up. Sure, popular releases like the Call of Duty franchise attract a lot of morons, as do FIFA and Halo and I’ve encountered them myself plenty of times online, but it also attracts a lot of gamers that happen to simply enjoy a polished FPS game. This doesn’t make people like myself or my friends idiots for buying the game, it simply means they like a different style of game to you. Somebody playing MW3 over Skyrim this week doesn’t make them a bad gamer, it’s simply a question of taste. It may not be a title you’d choose to play in a million years but it doesn’t make you a better gamer.

I’m not claiming to be Little Miss Perfect and have no doubt caught myself at one point or other raising a virtual eyebrow at somebody’s choice of game but many of us need to get over ourselves. Now I’ve seen MW3 players referred to as “idiots” or “morons” a handful of times, I feel I have to stick up for those of us that enjoy FPS’s. I expect I’ll play MW3 at some point, I’ve enjoyed dabbling in both 1 and 2. I’m not an idiot, I happen to like shooting people in the face (or at least trying to if you’re painfully aware of my skill level). Many of my friends also enjoy Modern Warfare, alongside RPG’s, retro platformers, strategy titles etc, and they’re also not idiots… mostly.

Gamers need to stop laying into each other, we’re not kids and I dislike this form of peer pressure that certain genres are better than others, let’s be a little more tolerant of the choices people make with their gaming time. I hope both MW3 and Skyrim fans are very happy gamers this week and I look forward to having a crack at BOTH games at some point.


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  1. Stu says:

    Yeah I get what you mean but it goes both ways. If I dare say anything about not liking FPS games then I instantly get classed as a ‘carebear’ and informed I have a lack of reflex skills due to my sexual preference or the fact that my mum enjoyed interspecies erotica. Tell an FPS nut you like games with proper narrative and they seem to conjure up this image where I play all RPGs as if they were real life; complaining that if carrying more than three items it would actually cause encumbrance, and that I play all my games in a mage’s robes using phrases like ‘verily’ and ‘wench’.

    Well, that last sentence may be true…the runes of difficulty warding just really help on harder boss battles, okay!

    Interestingly my brother and I are chalk and cheese when it comes to gaming, he is CoDMW1BlOpsWTFOMGZ boy and lives FPS games, its like crack for him and his gaming fraternity. We do overlap though, Mass Effect being one thing we both raved about, likewise we can both happily fire up a horde session on Gears. But I know that next time I see him he’ll be banging on about MW3 and I’ll be smiling politely, pretending to listen and planning my next steps in Skyrim!

    I share your view though, much as I sometimes deliberately smoke the fire of hatred for FPS games, not all games or gamers are alike and tarring all of a genre with the same brush is poor form, sadly though its something we’ve learned from the media who do it every day. :(

    Now if you’ll excuse me *goes off to play Dance Central*

  2. Dan T says:

    Not buying MW3 or Skyrim ant time soon? ORLY?

    Also, I said you were a mong for liking Dead Island and JE NE REGRETTE RIEN! :D

  3. Kat says:

    Firstly – As a woman I reserve the right to be fickle and change my mind.
    Secondly – I *did* wait until 9.30am on the tuesday morning to get MW3. That’s a whole 9.5hrs after the midnight release.
    Thirdly – Dead Island was GOOD (until it got too scary)
    Fourthly – Sorry Stu, I don’t think I saw your response, it’s good your brother has some decent taste in games ;P

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