Stew Cassidy and the Sundance Lib

I was going to start by saying this blog post is rather self-indulgent but aren’t they all really? Tonight I spent hours in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer with Stew and after an initial couple of gang hideouts, I decided to drag┬áhim all the way across the map (via horse and carriage) to the Tall Trees area. We spent the rest of the time hunting bears, being chased by bears, getting killed by bears and generally mucking about. I’ve poured hours into RDR but we discovered an area even I’d never been to and after a disturbingly long period of simply lobbing ourselves off snowy ledges, we spawned onto a mountainside with a genuinely breathtaking view. We stopped to take photos. Real photos on real cameras of a TV screen of a game. That has to be a testament to the beauty of this game. More killing followed as did riding bulls off clifftops, tracking a poor harassed beaver we dubbed Clyde, stopping to look at a river simply because it looked like ‘good water’ and experiments involving my legs and Stew’s tomahawks. The ground was littered with our corpses and those of our mounts by the time we parted ways and we’d seen the in-game sunset and sunrise. I have raved about RDR in past blogs and on gaming websites in the past but the fact that it’s a year and a half later and I can still lose hours in the game is impressive. Here follows some ‘holiday snaps’ of a zombie and aging sheriff gallivanting around Nekoti Rock.

Admiring the view


An unlikely couple…

Pretty crescent-shaped moon which is a crescent in the shape of a crescent

Clyde the Beaver – NEVER TO BE SHOT EVER

Uh, the full moon :/

The sun rises again after a night of beaver

Taking a photo of staring at water in a game

The moral of the story is that maybe I should get out more but until ‘real life’ is as scenic, exciting and funny as RDR, that ain’t gonna happen! G’night pardner.

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