Kid Reviews – Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City

My daughters sometimes see snippets from the games I play as they pass through the lounge or on rainy days enjoy sitting and helping out with child-friendly parts such as me traversing across Skyrim.¬†My eldest started writing a “review blog but on paper” in her notepad and when I said I would type it up to put on my real blog she was so excited that her little sister joined in and also started reviewing the titles. Here is¬†an insight into the minds of a nine and five year old.


Mina age 9

Skyrim is a free roam game and I enjoy watching it. From slaying vampires to dragons and hunting animals (which I think is mean!) this game is great to watch. To you this may seem a goody goody two shoes game but you can steal (naughty). Stealing to me is a great act to the game because you need to for missions and some of the greatest things you want to steal. If you want to get rid of some things you have you can trade them. Some people have a grumpy servant – “I’m sworn to carry your burdens”. I think they’re rather useful. If you play Skyrim I think you have made a great choice. It’s a game I would want¬†to play when I’m older. I hope you enjoy it or have enjoyed it.

Skye age 5

Skyrim is a game about killing. You kill animals like reindeers and wolves. There are swords that are sharp. You fight with them. You can find stuff and go shopping and sell stuff. You can sell your swords and clothes. You have magic powers and can magic everyone. The dragons blow fire and are cute. I like the way you jump over things. I don’t like the thiefs (sic) because they talk weird. The thiefs are vampires. The mammoths and giant’s feet stomp. It’s funny because mummy runs away. They are scary.


Mina age 9

BANG BANG. Battlefield is a hectic game. It’s okay to watch and nerve-wracking when you think you’re about to die but don’t. In this game I think it’s helpful that you can swim because you can creep up on the enemy. Most games you can’t swim, like Halo Reach. The engineer is rather funny the way it puts down the mines. I think a first-aider is a great job because you can put down the welcoming green boxes. The helicopters are rather annoying when they shoot you. Tanks are rather useful and great weapons. It’s a great game to watch.

Skye age 5

Battlefield is about helicopters. The baddies are very small. You jog, you shoot, you fly, you jump, you hop, swim, run. You get points with your team. The team is good and the other team is bad. The tanks look stinky because they have mud on. Mummy is a dying person.


Mina age 9

Batman is a game full of blood stains. Harley Quinn is my favourite person. You can play adventure mode as Catwoman or Batman. You can collect the Riddler trophies as both people. I think the trophies are used to unlock things. Cool Catwoman can use the whip. To me the Joker is a loony person. Batman is really sneaky and sometimes really cool. Batman loves to get his own way and nearly always gets it. To all people I suggest this is the perfect game to play. I would love to glide and grapple like Batman does.

Skye age 5

The Batman flies around a village. He climbs walls looking for points and clues. He does a flying jump. He has no friends. Joker is a baddy because he’s mean. He smiles and has green hair. There are girls called Harley Quinn and Catwoman. I like the shark in ice. He was bitey.

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  1. SteMacD says:

    Brilliant! I particularly liked the comments about the grumpy servant, the welcoming green box and the stinky tanks. This has to become a regular feature. Good work girls!

  2. Jokesound says:

    And yet, still better than a lot of reviews out there.

  3. Vonph says:

    “Mummy is a dying person” LOL that’s gotta hurt. Good stuff.

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