Now Listening 30/01/2012

I can’t believe it’s still January. What a long-ass month it’s been. It’s currently approximately -46 degrees outside so in an effort to keep warm I’ve fired up the Xbox and plonked the laptop on my lap (of all the crazy places to put a laptop!). Here’s some damn fine tunes I’ve been enjoying during what has to be genuinely the best January I’ve ever experienced.


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  1. Stu says:

    Two thumbs up for January, I’ve had the most amazing kick-start to the year too. There be something odd about this year, mark my words – but I don’t care as long as it stays awesome.

    You finally got me with the playlist this time. I’m normally able to identify at least one or two tracks you pop up here, but not this time. I didn’t recognise a single song! You win this round but I’ll be back. Oh ho, I’ll be back…and sounding much less like a Christmas themed Terminator. Maybe.

  2. Kat says:

    :D Hurrah for awesome Januarys. Hope the rest of 2012 can live up to the hype!

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