Kid Reviews – Dishonored, N+, Plants Vs Zombies and Minecraft

My daughters reviewed some games last year on this blog and wanted to do the same again for some they’ve either played or seen me play during 2012. It’s all their own words.


Mina age 10

Dishonored is a game which you creep about doing deeds for your team. You have been accused of killing the empress and kidnapping her daughter but only your team, the empress’s daughter and dead empress know otherwise. You look after the daughter, Emily, and try not to create chaos when you creep about but sadly Mum nearly always gets high chaos. My Mum panics when the men on stilts walk past, it is a joy to watch.

Skye age 6

Well, Dishonored is a very hard game. It’s about a person called Dishonored and he tries to kill baddies. He kills them with weapons. He goes into hidey holes, he looks like a black person with a black cape and black armour and grey shoes. He has rats in his hands that he can take out and he can strangle people to sleep. The girl you need to look after is called Emily. She’s really nice. Mummy was really good at it but they noticed she was there. It looked awesome.


Skye age 6

In N+ there’s a N+ ninja and if you get hitted by bombs you die or if you press X you die. There’s a switch to open the door and if you get into the door you win. If is hard cos you always get hitted by the bombs sometimes. About up to three or four people can play and it’s better because it’s got super hard levels. I play N+ with Mina and James and Tracey and Mummy and Papa but me and Mina are better. It’s super duper cool.

MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

Mina age 10

Minecraft is a simple game in a world made of cubes. There are two different ways of playing. You have survival mode and creative mode. Survival mode is where you have to find and do things all on your own. Creative mode is where you have all the cubes and you can create all the houses and towers with whatever you want. The cool thing is that you can create whatever you like. In both levels you can fly, jump, sprint and walk. There are monsters in survival mode. They are zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers. I think that Minecraft is fun and a game where you don’t get much hassle. I enjoy playing it with my sister but sometimes she starts mining up my buildings so I set fire to hers.

Skye age 6

It’s about a little Minecraft dude and he’s always making portals and houses and he can fly. You make stuff by getting bricks to make houses. You press X and get into the storage. You can even get saplings to make trees. Minecraft is a good world and it is clever because you can fly further than the clouds but when you do your building up to the clouds the building can’t get any further. I play it without the scary creatures. The scary creatures are creepers, spiders, zombies, skeletons and things what you can get ink from – squids. I don’t like them because the creeper explodes buildings and I have to make it all over again. I don’t like the spider because it kills me. I play Minecraft with Mina. She is good and helps me by making portals because I’m rubbish of making portals. When you die you have nothing.


Skye age 6

Plants Vs Zombies is about zombies and plants. Well, some plants get eaten, some plants kill zombies and some plants eat the zombies. The zombies go like this – “braaaains”. They have green faces and brown cardigans and a red tie with yellow stripes and blue trousers with a piece ripped. Some have shields so they don’t get killed and some wear hats like a church man will (traffic cones, she’s thinking of bishops, possibly… - Kat). Some zombies have bites on their arm or leg. If the zombies win they eat the persons brain. If the plants win the plants protect themselves and the zombies die. Mina plays it with me and Mina wins. I like playing as zombies because I want to win and pick the big giant one. It’s awesome.

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  1. Rich says:

    “Well, Dishonored is a very hard game. It’s about a person called Dishonored and he tries to kill baddies.”

    Actually the best thing I’ve ever read.

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