My Alternative Gaming Awards 2014

After a hiatus in 2013, my Alternative Gaming Awards are back! For clarification, this is based on games I’ve played this year, NOT games necessarily released this year. My new years resolutions for 2015, if I could be arsed with them, would be to remember to blog a little more often and to be able to spell ‘necessarily’ without having to spell-check it. I hope you’ve experienced some video game gems this year and have a geektastic 2015. Now, on with the ceremony!

When The Hell Is This Coming Out, I’ve Been Waiting Forever And Feeling Impatient Award

This was a toss up between two games. GTA V came close with their ‘heists’ update. Over a year since the game went online and many updates have come and gone. It’s looking promising that it’ll turn up soon though. So the winner of this award is… Tropico 5 for Playstation 4! I resisted buying it on PC last Spring and on Xbox 360 this Winter. When will it finally get a release on PS4?! I’m hopeful for late Jan/early Feb but I need my dictator-fix goddammit!

Biggest Single-Player Addiction

Without a doubt, this can only have one clear winner. Congratulations to Don’t Starve! The first game that made me praise my decision to buy a PS4. I lost many hours to Don’t Starve earlier in 2014 and just writing about it now is giving me an urge to load it up again. I cross my fingers that the new co-op mode comes to console.


Trials Fusion. Fuck that addictive stupid brilliant game.

Saddest Gaming Moment In 2014

A lot of people switched to ‘next gen’, now ‘now gen’ in 2013. However, the Xbox 360 limped along thanks to GTA V nights. In November 2014, GTA V came out on PS4/Xbox One, and the 360 became a ghost town. My Gold expired, almost everyones Gold expired or was cancelled. RIP you big lump of Xbox. You served us well, and still serve me well as a Netflix/Sky player, but your glory days are over *sob*

Surprisingly Least Played Game In 2014

This could go to the freebies from PS+ that I downloaded and played once but they were free so don’t really count. The winner of this goes to Battlefield 4. I adored Battlefield 3, watched jealously as the day one adopters played on next gen, but when I finally owned a new console and the game? Loaded it up once and never returned. I must have experienced burn-out on BF3 and the game got traded in. Sorry BF4.

Biggest iPhone Game Addiction

I’m not a big ‘phone gamer’ but 7 Little Words from Blue Ox Technologies Ltd still has me in its grips. A simple idea but a great time-killer and makes me use my rotting grey matter.

Worst Soundtrack Ever

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! MAN. MACHINE. THE FUSION! Thank you Trials Fusion for that earworm.

Most Excitement Over A Game Announcement

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars with friends, so I was rather excited to hear about (the slightly easier to remember titled) Rocket League announced for Playstation 4. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations and we can enjoy the mayhem on and offline.

Best Game Ever If You Like Waiting For A Door To Open And Fight A Buttload Of Enemies Then Getting To Another Door And Fighting More Enemies While Waiting For It To Open

This is a hotly contested category. So many games that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but ultimately, the winner is Destiny! If there’s one thing I can say I did a LOT in 2014, and did it damn well, it’s waiting for doors to open.

Game That Was Good But I Couldn’t Be Arsed With Probably Because I’m A Boring 33 Year Old And Not 16 Any More

South Park: The Stick Of Truth. I used to really like South Park in my younger days. I’ve dabbled with the odd episode since and it can make me chuckle but an entire game was too much for me. You may consider me a bad, sad, boring old person for this, and you’d be correct.

Proudest Gaming Moment In 2014

This could go to my dramatic fireteam revives in Destiny. Mostly of gamer-bud, Chris (but he doesn’t play Destiny very much and isn’t very good so I won’t count that). The award goes to watching my, now 13 year old, daughter play her first full, proper game – Fable 2. I am a proud geeky-mum.

Most Desired Announcement In 2015

Of course, it would be great to have an exciting new IP announced. Aside from that, I’d love another Red Dead or Katamari game, but most importantly – Fallout 4. Please please please would you just announce a new Fallout. Ideally to be released next week so we can all get through a miserable January in, erm, the miserable wastelands.

The Game That Saved My Sanity In 2014

In September I was diagnosed with a piece of shit illness. It has no cure, there’s little research into it and it’s a matter of ‘waiting it out’ to feel better again. Thankfully a game was released in September. One that got me hooked, one that chronically disappointed many folk, but one that gave me the therapy of chatting to friends while shooting aliens in the face. Thank you Destiny.

Biggest WTF Of The Year

There’s a lot of important things this could go to. The price charged for the Destiny DLC, the GamerGate stuff. However, I finally downloaded Mount Your Friends on Xbox 360 so I’m going small and awarding it to the swinging penises in that game. There’s a lack of huge, swaying male genitalia in video gaming, so I’m taking what may be my only chance to award it.

Most Fun Had With Friends Online

I’ve had a lot of laughs with Destiny but there’s only one game that has a weekly night where a large group of us regularly play. Where rivalries are formed, where I can release all the swearing I can’t do in front of the kids, where you can be doing brilliantly then one arsehole (Tony) comes along and completely messes you up, where I can run around in suspender belts or a bikini making wanking gestures and get away with it. This award has to go to GTA V Online. Now with added PS4 video capture proof of who caused the crash that caused you to DNF.

Worst Place To Live In A Video Game

Yesterday I bought a new game. Yesterday we rode on elephants (Peanut and Nelly). Yesterday we killed people by shooting a beehive. Yesterday we died, a lot. I feel bad for those living in Kyrat (Far Cry 4). If they’re not killed by the military presence then it’s by the wolves, eagles, tigers or bloody honey badgers lurking in the countryside. You can’t move more than 6ft without something trying to kill you. It’s a game I look forward to dying a lot in, in 2015.

That’s it for my 2014 Game Awards. Congratulations to all winners! Much love to those making these games and those poor sods playing alongside me.


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  1. Rook says:

    I had been binge watching South Park as I was very far behind on characters. Still haven’t seen them all but I had watched enough to recognise more than just the initial four kids. The game was great. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and some quite unexpected things to see as you’d expect from South Park… wait what. If playing by this game makes me immature then so be it but I had fun and you didn’t so nur nur nur-nur nuurrrrrrr.

  2. Andy says:


    I should check out this Don’t Starve you keep speaking of and will get Far Cry when it’s a smidge cheaper. Happy new year Kat! 2015 will be awesome ;)

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