The Lost Boys - Celebrating 30 Years

The Lost Boys – Celebrating 30 Years

One night in the late 1980s, a babysitter came round to look after me. In her bag, I spotted a VHS that had me immediately entranced. I begged and pleaded to watch it but the babysitter was¬†boring responsible and said no. Kiefer Sutherland’s face looked menacing, in a cool way, but despite my young age I knew I had to see this film.

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My Latest Netflix Addiction Is The End Of The World

My Latest Netflix Addiction Is The End Of The World

Last week I was idly flicking through Netflix following a frantic Destiny session. I’ve reach the stage of knowing pretty much everything Netflix has to offer but was after something light, perhaps comedic. The last time I fancied an airy, carefree hour or so, I ended up going with Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ which is a perfect example of how I defy myself.

I plumped with ‘Doomsday Preppers’. Probably not the cheeriest subject but I was delighted to find a series on something that has fascinated me for a while now. It began airing in 2011 (so I’m a bit late to the party). Each episode follows three people who are prepping for a major disaster. To a lot of people they’re ‘crazy’ and I tend to agree every so often.

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A 12yo's Thoughts On Being A Girl Geek

A 12yo’s Thoughts On Being A Girl Geek

(My twelve year old daughter wanted to write about her views on being a young, female geek. She games on Xbox, Playstation, Wii and DS, loves superhero comics and their spin-off movies. She wanted to blog about her opinions on the hobbies she adores and I’ve left it largely unedited. ‘Boobs’ feature rather heavily.)

Living as a 12 year old is great for most, except for groaning at upcoming exams and dreading the next maths lesson. However this is a stupid way to describe me seeing as it is most unreliable. I love exams and maths, and that makes me an unusual person to meet yet even though my ability to love things that are for most unlovable, people are surprised the more they uncover about me. I am probably the most games-crazy girl you will ever meet. I shall forever remember the look on peoples face when I tell them about Halo or Red Dead Redemption. It sure is hilarious.

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Why I'm In To Girls

Why I’m In To Girls

I’ve just finished watching the season finale of HBO’s Girls. It’s a show I’ve repeatedly described as “having terrible, horrible characters and yet I’m still compelled to watch”. Having completed the third season, I’ve still relished each episode and am suffering from the post-finale melancholy that accompanies any good television show once it reaches its terminus.

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The Night I Tried Unlocking My Inner Brony (or Pegasister)

The Night I Tried Unlocking My Inner Brony (or Pegasister)

If you spend even half the time I do on the internet then you’ll have heard of Bronies – male fans of the animated show My Little Pony. Most of my previous exposure was from tweets teasing the fans or more racy, adult artwork created by a handful of Bronies. I did attempt watching an episode on Netflix a year or two ago but only managed five minutes as I found it too bright and squeaky to stick with (I blame my inner goth, don’t judge me!).

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The Neighbours Cast When Younger

The Neighbours Cast When Younger

Following some banter on Twitter I started looking up photos of the Neighbours cast when they were younger. Many of the¬†actors started on the show while young or as children anyway but here are my favourites from the older cast. I’m not sure Alan Dale ever ages, he just has less hair.

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