Adventures In Glitchwater

Adventures In Glitchwater

The, admittedly not so bad, downside of joining the Xbox 360 party a couple of years late is that not only do I have to keep up with any new releases that interest me but also work through a backlog of games which were either highly recommended or just looked damned fun.

After finding Saints Row 2 at a dirt cheap price I contemplated playing it through and when my friend Simon (henceforth known by his proper gamertag/name “Cuddles”) said he’d also recently picked it up, we decided to wade through it together on co-op.

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Feeling The Fear

Feeling The Fear

One of my earliest gaming memories involves gently tapping on my parents’ door on a Saturday morning and asking if I could play about with the games on my Dad’s Apricot business computer. Nestled in amongst the floppy discs and DOS games was one called 3-Demon, a first-person maze game which involved the Pacman-like eating of pellets while trying to avoid ghosts which would lurk around any corner. It petrified me. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, braced for one of these horrific ghosts to leap out at me at any time. I loved it but the tense atmosphere it created has stayed with me through the decades. I’ve since discovered screen shots on the internet and laughed at myself for ever finding 3-Demon scary but then I remembered I was probably only nine years old, new to games and also that I am a complete gaming wuss.

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To Infinity... And Beyond!

To Infinity… And Beyond!

I have a problem. It conflicts with my dark, gothic soul and it pains me to admit it but…

I quite like Disney.

I don’t sit and watch the films all day. My house isn’t festooned with tacky Disney memorabilia you find in those Sunday paper adverts and I certainly never, ever sing along to Enchanted’s “Happy Working Song” while doing the housework.

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Ode To Louis

Ode To Louis

Tuesday 21st April marks a special day for any fellow zombie-slaying fans. The Left 4 Dead Survival Pack is being released! In honour of this glorious, wonderful day I would like to publicly declare my true feelings for our favourite Left 4 Dead survivor.

An Ode To Louis

“Stay positive guys,
I’ve got a good feeling about this”.
An immortal line from A.I. Louis.
Dressed in dapper suit,
With wide innocent eyes,
But in your heart and your mind,
Madness lies.

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Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl

My gamertag is “Libitina”. Should you have Googled it at any point you would have discovered Libitina is a now defunct goth rock band or that I am in fact the Roman Goddess of death, funerals and corpses. Yes, I named myself after a Goddess. No, I do not have ego-issues.

There is also a touch of irony with my online persona being the Grim Reaper-ess of Rome. Over my years of gaming I have become at peace with Death.

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