The Xbox 360 Changed My Life

The Xbox 360 Changed My Life

Since the launch of the Next Gen, now This Gen, consoles, I had been saving towards a Playstation 4. Many months later and I am now the owner of a PS4 (and an addiction to Don’t Starve). My trusty, old Xbox 360 is yet to gather dust, thanks to regular GTAV nights with friends but I feel like my Last Gen console of choice deserves an eulogy.
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You're All Going Forward, I'm Stuck In Reverse

You’re All Going Forward, I’m Stuck In Reverse

The ‘next gen’ has become the ‘current gen’ and the majority of my friends are happily playing on their Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Although I’m saving up for a PS4, it’ll be a while until buying one becomes reality. Thankfully the lack of many enticing games saves me from selling my kidneys on the Deep Web out of desperation.

In a move that has surprised myself though, I *am* currently playing on a new console and thoroughly enjoying myself. For my daughter’s twelfth birthday we picked her up a Nintendo Wii. They’re dirt cheap nowadays and both of my kids are at an age where they still have the energy and inclination to prance around the room, clutching a controller to play virtual tennis or bowling.

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Boscombe The RPG Preview

Boscombe The RPG Preview

I live in a town with a dodgy reputation and have half-joked in the past that a Grand Theft Auto: Boscombe should exist. A controversially large number of rehabilitation centres and lower rent in comparison to other parts of Bournemouth means an unusually high amount of colourful characters walk these streets. And deal drugs in them. And stab people in them. Imagine Jeremy Kyle releasing all his guests into one small area and you’ll get the gist. I live a stones throw from the high street so see the best and worst that this town has to offer. To add some balance we also have a lovely beach, an art scene, numerous cafes and the best Thai restaurant ever so it’s not all bad.

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Imaginary Review - The Lost Boys:The Game

Imaginary Review – The Lost Boys:The Game

Initiation’s over, time to play the game.

The Lost Boys: The Game opens with a gliding aerial view over the boardwalk and city of Santa Carla, murder capital of the world, to the strains of INXS. As the cut scene plays out we are introduced to moody protagonist Michael and his family. Having fallen in with a spectacularly-mulleted bad crowd, our job is to save the family from a bloodsucking, biker gang, led by David, before Michael himself succumbs to full time vamping.

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My Alternative Gaming Awards 2012

My Alternative Gaming Awards 2012

It’s the time of year that we start debating our Game of the Year for 2012 but like in 2011 (clicky here to go back in time – Alternative Gaming Awards) I’ll be doing things a little differently. If I was held at railgunpoint and had to pick my Best Game Evah for 2012 then it would probably be Dishonored. Although it wasn’t perfect, the gameplay reminded me a lot of Arkham Asylum. Plus it let me indulge in my secret fantasy of watching my enemies be slowly devoured by a swarm of infected rats… So on with the proceedings!

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Kid Reviews - Dishonored, N+, Plants Vs Zombies and Minecraft

Kid Reviews – Dishonored, N+, Plants Vs Zombies and Minecraft

My daughters reviewed some games last year¬†on this blog and wanted to do the same again for some they’ve either played or seen me play during 2012. It’s all their own words.

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