My Inner-Goth

My Inner-Goth

Today I was alerted to a story doing the rounds about teen goths being more prone to depression and mental health issues than their peers. I couldn’t summarise my thoughts in 140 characters and I don’t think the parties I were chatting with would appreciate a long series of tweets as I reminisce on my Goth Years so here we are.

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In Defence of Destiny: Goodbye Year 1

In Defence of Destiny: Goodbye Year 1

I feel I should start this blog with two disclaimers, just to get them out of the way.

1. I completely agree the price of The Taken King is unfair. $40 for Americans should not equal £40 for us Brits. Each person that does stump up and pay the £40 can justify it to themselves. However, those who have concerns it may affect DLC pricing in all games, I understand, and any rants below are not aimed at you.
2. I have awesome friends. Sadly, I don’t have a treasure room at home where I can run through gold and open loot chests, so all of the Destiny DLC has been bought for me by a very generous pal. My kids are grateful that I haven’t starved them for a week so I could pay for blasting Crota in his stupid face.

I see a fair amount of hate crop up against Destiny and it’s fans on Twitter, Facebook, in comment sections, etc. I avoid getting into online battles with them but they don’t get it. They don’t get us Destiny players. They don’t get why we still play or why we’ll submit to the ransom of £40 for DLC.

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Interview: Music and Video Games with Dommin

Interview: Music and Video Games with Dommin

I love music. I flit between gothic rock to 90s rap to 80s power ballads. What I rarely do nowadays at the ripe old age of 34, is get hugely into bands. My MP3 player is full of random songs but I don’t often get into an entire album by one artist any more. There’s not many bands that make me ‘fangirl-out’, that make me churn out cliches such as, “Their lyrics speak to me”, or, “Their music has helped get me through difficult times”. Dommin is one of those bands. I first discovered them on MySpace, close to fifteen years ago, and felt an instant bond to their music. A rare moment when a song punches you in the gut from the first listen and you desperately want to hear more. I played Mend Your Misery on repeat, started up a Facebook page for fellow fans and finally met the band on a tour supporting HIM. In the queue outside, HIM fans were wondering who the support act was and I gushed about this Californian band called Dommin. On the way out after the gig, I overheard echoes of my own thoughts, that they were a support  who blew away the main act. Sorry, HIM!

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What's The Deal With... Candy Crush Saga?

What’s The Deal With… Candy Crush Saga?

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea for a series of blog posts. Why don’t I try games I’ve never played before? Games that have been hugely popular but that have passed me by. Unless you’re a gamer who’s filthy rich, with all the time in the world, then there’s a high chance that big franchises or popular, quirky indie games, have passed you by too. I have two constraints though. The first being money. I can’t splurge cash on games right now. The second being time. I think some family and friends may be under the impression that because I’m off work ill, and have been for the past few months, that I can spend my days in a bubble of gaming joy. That would be lovely but illness doesn’t work that way and my time is often spent resting or napping. My first game for this potential series had to be something I could work around those conditions. Something fairly chilled, that’s free, that I can dip in and out of for a few minutes, and something that’s massively popular that I’ve never played. One game sprung to mind and that’s when my descent into darkness began.

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Running A Country Is Difficult

Running A Country Is Difficult

Things have been heating up over the past year. Some of us, myself included, have been patiently waiting for this time. A time of change. A time to build the country in to something greater than it currently is. This country, a small island, has limited resources and a limited budget. Hard decisions have to be made, with sacrifices, and often the poor, elderly and unemployed bear the brunt. These people are useless to the inner workings of a country. They’re leechers, scroungers, parasites, taking from the economy and giving nothing in return. Sometimes the doors need to be closed and immigrants denied. There’s only so much room on an island and priority needs to go to those born and bred here. Sometimes there’s a requirement for compulsory contraception to decrease a birth rate. Or a police state enforced. Or residents really must contribute towards the cost of healthcare. Or votes must be fiddled to ensure the ‘right’ outcome. Things that are unpopular with the people but I know what’s really best for them.

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No British Bulldog On The Playground! - A Look Back At Primary School Games

No British Bulldog On The Playground! – A Look Back At Primary School Games

This morning I woke up with the oddest ‘earworm’ for a while. I can’t recall what I was dreaming and it’s nice to finally replace the “DUUUN DUN DER-DER-DER DUUN” of the Game of Thrones theme that’s been lodged in my head since the start of season five. The simple tune looping around my brain this morning is, “Orange balls, orange balls, here we go again!“, a playground chant from my days at primary school (1985-1991, although I have no doubt the game dates back earlier). It’s triggered a morning of childhood memories flooding my mind, all the different games we used to play at break time, and whether these games are still played or if they, and the often accompanying chants, have died out.

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