My Alternative Gaming Awards 2014

My Alternative Gaming Awards 2014

After a hiatus in 2013, my Alternative Gaming Awards are back! For clarification, this is based on games I’ve played this year, NOT games necessarily released this year. My new years resolutions for 2015, if I could be arsed with them, would be to remember to blog a little more often and to be able to spell ‘necessarily’ without having to spell-check it. I hope you’ve experienced some video game gems this year and have a geektastic 2015. Now, on with the ceremony!

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My Latest Netflix Addiction Is The End Of The World

My Latest Netflix Addiction Is The End Of The World

Last week I was idly flicking through Netflix following a frantic Destiny session. I’ve reach the stage of knowing pretty much everything Netflix has to offer but was after something light, perhaps comedic. The last time I fancied an airy, carefree hour or so, I ended up going with Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ which is a perfect example of how I defy myself.

I plumped with ‘Doomsday Preppers’. Probably not the cheeriest subject but I was delighted to find a series on something that has fascinated me for a while now. It began airing in 2011 (so I’m a bit late to the party). Each episode follows three people who are prepping for a major disaster. To a lot of people they’re ‘crazy’ and I tend to agree every so often.

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Video Games Are Keeping Me Sane

Video Games Are Keeping Me Sane

Yesterday was a bad day. With the exception of a four hour stint, I was asleep. I woke enough to throw some food at my kids, to approve them coming into the lounge to play, and squabble over, Minecraft while I dozed, and to make sausage baguettes which we munched while watching Downton Abbey. I still consider yesterday a success as I got to spend some time with my children.

Today is also a bad day. Despite yesterday’s total rest, I woke in agony from my head to my ankles. Walking is painful and difficult, sleep was disturbed any time I shifted in bed. I got my youngest to school, despite the light-headedness and shaking, so I’ve patted myself on the back and now relish being able to rest until I do it again at 3:15pm.

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A 12yo's Thoughts On Being A Girl Geek

A 12yo’s Thoughts On Being A Girl Geek

(My twelve year old daughter wanted to write about her views on being a young, female geek. She games on Xbox, Playstation, Wii and DS, loves superhero comics and their spin-off movies. She wanted to blog about her opinions on the hobbies she adores and I’ve left it largely unedited. ‘Boobs’ feature rather heavily.)

Living as a 12 year old is great for most, except for groaning at upcoming exams and dreading the next maths lesson. However this is a stupid way to describe me seeing as it is most unreliable. I love exams and maths, and that makes me an unusual person to meet yet even though my ability to love things that are for most unlovable, people are surprised the more they uncover about me. I am probably the most games-crazy girl you will ever meet. I shall forever remember the look on peoples face when I tell them about Halo or Red Dead Redemption. It sure is hilarious.

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The Geek Party Manifesto

The Geek Party Manifesto

My Twitter and Facebook feeds are bulging at the seams with political posts – anti-UKIP, pro-Green, Tories battling against Labour supporters. I don’t trust any of these parties, they lie and they don’t represent my interests so I’m creating my own party, The Geek Party. My campaign funds are a little low. I currently have £3.58p and a packet of Super Mix Haribo to my name but they say great things come from humble beginnings. Here is an outline of The Geek Party’s policies thus far.

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Summertime Sadness: There's No Fun In The Sun For Me

Summertime Sadness: There’s No Fun In The Sun For Me

This weekend Bournemouth has been experiencing a mini-heatwave and as we edge closer to June it’s signaled the first inklings of Summer. The shops are blissfully quiet as most of the population head down to the beach or light up barbecues in their gardens. I can smell freshly cut grass, see the neighbours out cleaning their cars and hear children laughing as they play outside. As the general population strip down to their shorts and floral Summer dresses, I begin to feel a pit of dread in my stomach which will last until at least September.

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