About StartledtheWitch.com

 I’m Kat and I’ve been gaming and flirting with other geeky activities since the mid-1980s. I grew up with computers and various consoles but spent the most time on my Atari, SNES and Playstation 2. Currently I can be found on the Xbox 360 or my laptop, which handily doubles up as an oven when I force it to play games. A sprinkling of my favourite titles include Ratchet and Clank, Beautiful Katamari, the GTA franchise, Worms Armageddon, Halo Reach, Tropico 3 and Fallout New Vegas. My youth was spent on retro classics such as Magic Pockets, Rainbow Islands, Gauntlet, 3-Demon and, uh, James Pond.

I also listen to a wide variety of music; from blues and motown to metal and gothic rock. I’m dabbling in the world of comics, have been a reenactor, poured hours into family geneaology, strum incompetently on a bass guitar and love all kinds of films. ‘Startled the Witch’ is my blog and a refuge carved from the internet, somewhere to post silly videos, pictures, rants, maybe even a podcast or two. The name is an homage to Left 4 Dead, one of my favourite games in recent times.