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In Defence of Destiny: Goodbye Year 1

In Defence of Destiny: Goodbye Year 1

I feel I should start this blog with two disclaimers, just to get them out of the way.

1. I completely agree the price of The Taken King is unfair. $40 for Americans should not equal £40 for us Brits. Each person that does stump up and pay the £40 can justify it to themselves. However, those who have concerns it may affect DLC pricing in all games, I understand, and any rants below are not aimed at you.
2. I have awesome friends. Sadly, I don’t have a treasure room at home where I can run through gold and open loot chests, so all of the Destiny DLC has been bought for me by a very generous pal. My kids are grateful that I haven’t starved them for a week so I could pay for blasting Crota in his stupid face.

I see a fair amount of hate crop up against Destiny and it’s fans on Twitter, Facebook, in comment sections, etc. I avoid getting into online battles with them but they don’t get it. They don’t get us Destiny players. They don’t get why we still play or why we’ll submit to the ransom of £40 for DLC.

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