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A 12yo's Thoughts On Being A Girl Geek

A 12yo’s Thoughts On Being A Girl Geek

(My twelve year old daughter wanted to write about her views on being a young, female geek. She games on Xbox, Playstation, Wii and DS, loves superhero comics and their spin-off movies. She wanted to blog about her opinions on the hobbies she adores and I’ve left it largely unedited. ‘Boobs’ feature rather heavily.)

Living as a 12 year old is great for most, except for groaning at upcoming exams and dreading the next maths lesson. However this is a stupid way to describe me seeing as it is most unreliable. I love exams and maths, and that makes me an unusual person to meet yet even though my ability to love things that are for most unlovable, people are surprised the more they uncover about me. I am probably the most games-crazy girl you will ever meet. I shall forever remember the look on peoples face when I tell them about Halo or Red Dead Redemption. It sure is hilarious.

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