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Why I'm In To Girls

Why I’m In To Girls

I’ve just finished watching the season finale of HBO’s Girls. It’s a show I’ve repeatedly described as “having terrible, horrible characters and yet I’m still compelled to watch”. Having completed the third season, I’ve still relished each episode and am suffering from the post-finale melancholy that accompanies any good television show once it reaches its terminus.

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I Love You HBO

I Love You HBO

I don’t watch a huge amount of television shows but most of my viewing habits have been aimed squarely at HBO programing. Most recently I’ve been watching Khal Drogo… sorry, Game of Thrones which took a few episodes to get going for me but by the finale I was sat slack-jawed and wanting more. Another series from HBO I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year was Boardwalk Empire. It was a lot more subtle and character based but I adored it, it stars Steve Buscemi after all, how can you go wrong? I’m awaiting season four of True Blood having ploughed belatedly through the first three earlier this year and discovering a new found crush on Eric Northman.

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